A bite-sized, parmesan cookie
with a black pepper finish
 (Great addition to a cheese plate,

or with cocktails.)

a classic flavor,

in an extra flaky cookie

 An addictive combination of

espresso and salt,
in a crumbly cookie



a classic flavor,

in an extra flaky cookie


black pepper-parmesan

Bright lemon and fennel seeds,

in a buttery cookie, topped with
fennel seeds & Maldon salt

(Serve with coffee or espresso)

I make all of my doughs  from scratch,  roll out the dough, individually cut & garnish

each cookie and bake them in very small batches.  It's a labor-intensive process,

but it's a  labor of love. As with anything handmade, no two cookies are exactly alike.

I like to think that's part of their charm.  The current flavors are...